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trade show

went to the petquest in wilmington today. it was rather pathetic when you compare it to the one in hershey! we had walked around all the venders and i was surprised it wasn't even one yet. it was nice that it wasn't so over crowded and the venders actually had time to speak with you, but then you also felt the pressure of BUY! BUY! BUY!

i bought some 4420 curves at hershey that i love and i wanted another pair for when those needed sharpened, but they didn't have a spot there. the vender i found with some were horrible! i ended up buying some super expensive shark fin curves, gold line. what helped me decide is they're sending me a pair of thinning shears..guess noone brought enough supplies for such a small show. everyone was out of just about anything they were selling. wanted some laube blades too, but they had NONE left..and the show is still open tomorrow. =/

definitely not as much to see there, but it was WAY closer, and i got most the tools i was looking for.
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