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Seeking Advice in Caring for Our New Dog

My family and I just adopted a three-year-old poodle/Maltese mix from a local shelter. Sean has the appearance of a miniature poodle. His coat was badly matted when he was found as a stray, so the shelter shaved him pretty short. (As you can see in the photo below.) His fur has now grown out to about 1 inch to 1 1/2 inches long. It's a length we like, and we're not planning on letting it get too long before we take him to a groomer.

In the meantime, what advice can you give me in caring for our new boy's coat. We've been brushing him (with a brush similar to this), but should I be using a different type to prevent matting? How often does he need it? Any problem areas I should pay special attention to?

Any advice on food? Shampoo and/or conditioner?

I really appreciate any advice. All my previous dogs were labs or lab mixes, so I've never had a long-haired dog before. He's a sweet dog, and I want to do right by him.

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