Lady Cyon (wofl_iron) wrote in groomers,
Lady Cyon

Skunk Dogs

Can we talk about de-skunk methods?

We had two skunk-dogs come into the salon today. The one on my schedule was a golden doodle (thankfully, clipped quite short). We use Espree brand shampoo in our salon, so I started out with their baking soda odor neutralizing shampoo. Didn't cut it. So next I tried a eucalyptus mint scented shampoo and that worked surprisingly well. I was quite impressed. Still slightly skunky; but mostly just minty. I followed it up with Espree brand De-Skunk formula which works sorta like a leave in conditioner....supposed to let it dry on the dog.

So between that and the eucalyptus mint stuff, the skunkiness was mostly gone but I could still definitely smell it a little bit.

Any tips or hints on how to get rid of that last lingering bit of skunkiness?
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