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Getting ready for halloween

So, we've decided that Rommel is going to be a dinosaur for Halloween this year.  And that will be accomplished with hair.

He already has a mohawk, so we are growing it out all the way down his back to the tip of his tail.  The plan is to eventually cut triangles into the back mohawk like a stegosaurus and make it green.  I've also decided to document this process over the next 4 1/2 months each time he gets a haircut.

This was the cut I gave him at the beginning of May.

It's a #10 lamb clip.  The legs were basically untouched, about 5-6 weeks grown out from a #5.

This is what I started with today, about 5 weeks later.

To get the line down his back, because I am so OCD about wanting this straight, I used 2-in painters tape to set the pattern.  Barely stuck to him, which is why I picked it, stayed in place just long enough for me to set the line.  Otherwise, I did a #10 lamb clip and again didn't touch his legs.

And some questions, since I don't have any books.  I used to groom, was learning as I went.  Rommel is probably the 6th poodle I've ever touched and the first standard I've ever worked on (probably would have had a much easier time learning on standards), so my poodle experience isn't much.  I'd only done a lamb clip a few times before, and the legs were much fuller and the body wasn't as short as I like to do with Rommel.  I'm having a really hard time blending the front legs with scissors.  I don't have tons of different shears to choose from and use mostly my 8in curves and 10in straights, though I do have some shorter straights.  Last time I blended with my clippers and I still had a hard time on the front legs, especially at the chest.  Any tips with blending?  I can use all the help I can get!  It's completely possible I feel like I'm having a hard time because of how the #10 makes his coat look compared to the longer legs.

And then feet.  (Once again, no book to reference)  Rommel HATES to let me do his feet.  I love poodle feet, but if I could get away with not doing them as often, I think he'd be happier and I'd be less frustrated.  I currently use a #10 to do his feet.  What do you normally use for feet?  He's otherwise amazing for grooming.  He just doesn't want me messing with his feet.
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