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Thoughts on Double K Shampoo

I got some free samples of Double K shampoo when I went to the Groom and Kennel Expo in Pasadena. So far I think they've worked really well. However, my only experience with shampoos is limited to The Paw Brothers and Hydrosurge lines while working at Petsmart a few years ago.

Now I work at a vet and we use Vet Solutions Aloe Oatmeal Shampoo. I've been using it for a little over a year. Its really thick and creamy so I dilute it some. So far I think it does a decent job. I've never had a pet react badly to it. But I feel like I could do better. I definitely noticed the difference in coat softness and cleanliness when using the new shampoo. That is was prompted me to start looking into possibly adding to my inventory of shampoos.

What are your thoughts on shampoo brands? Specifically Double K? Do you have a favorite?

Any suggestions on what brands to try?

Thanks for your input! :)

EDIT: Anyone know the difference between Midnight White and Alpha White by Double K?
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