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anyone magical?!?

the real question is in the 2nd paragraph. just summing up the event.

so, i groomed these huskies the other day..one of which went very, VERY bad. she's old and terrified of everything. i was washing her after she was boarding to get the kennel smell out of her..though i'm sure she smelled awesome when she came in..well, almost immediately, she started flipping out. she didn't start having a nose bleed until she was all soaped up and i needed to rinse her! couldn't leave it on!
so after rinsing off the soap and trying to keep her standing (eventually a bystander walked into my room and helped me) and out of her poo..and having to rewash her backend..i took her upstairs to the vet area so they could keep an eye on her.. her nose HAD slowed down, but the journey up there made it bad again..she stayed all night because when we got her back out, her nose started up again!
(i got a lot of harassment by people at work about me beating dogs  =/  )

by the next day, most the blood was gone, but i got a call today saying she smells like sweaty feet. soo the question is, is there anything the owner can use on her to try and fix the smell? she might be able to try the "dog o mat" and wash her on her own, but this soon after that whole situation is most likely pushing it. i suggested the waterless shampoo..which i don't care for much, but not much choice here..and baby wipes.
anyone know of any miracles i can suggest to her? =/
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