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Another field cut

This is Dudley, a recently rescued American Cocker who's only been into my salon twice so far. I groomed him both times, even though the ownere hasn't specifically requested me... yet.

I know a lot of groomers aren't fond of cockers, and even I must admit that there are some unique qualities to the breed that make them less than ideal on the table... Everything from nervous peeing, and pooping on the table, and almost all "pout" while being groomed. They drop their heads and force you to constantly lift their snout to shave them.

I have owned two Cockers so far and started grooming them when I was just 13... not that I would brag on my unrefined skills of my backyard days... but it sufficed. Maybe because the first dog I ever groomed was a Cocker, or the fact that I've owned two of them, but whatever the reason, I love them. I love the cut, and I love grooming them. Maybe that's why I get so many repeat Cocker clients... that or perhaps because I seem to be a rarity among groomers who love them.

Am I alone? I know every groomer is different and we all have our favorite breeds, but I haven't met any other Cocker lovers besides myself...
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