&holly; ♥ (chuzuy) wrote in groomers,
&holly; ♥

Shoes for grooming?

What shoes do you all wear while grooming? I work at a kennel/grooming facility so there is water and hair around me at all times. I currently wear a pair of Hydroslips, which I can barely find anywhere now... they were very dusty on the store's shelf. These I've had for barely two months and they're already scratched up, so I'm looking into others. Normally I just wear rubber boots. Got a "fancy" pair of Bogs for Christmas and hair gets all over the fabric part so I had to literally vacuum them every night before going back to work.

Anyone wear those Vibram Five Fingers shoes to work? I would worry about hair getting stuck in the fabric like the "fancy" pair did. I may just stick to rubber boots again or get another pair of "fancy" boots that don't have the fabric on top. Thanks for your advice and experiences!

Edit: Found some more links with grooming shoe info if anyone else was looking

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