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Shoes for grooming?

What shoes do you all wear while grooming? I work at a kennel/grooming facility so there is water and hair around me at all times. I currently wear a pair of Hydroslips, which I can barely find anywhere now... they were very dusty on the store's shelf. These I've had for barely two months and they're already scratched up, so I'm looking into others. Normally I just wear rubber boots. Got a "fancy" pair of Bogs for Christmas and hair gets all over the fabric part so I had to literally vacuum them every night before going back to work.

Anyone wear those Vibram Five Fingers shoes to work? I would worry about hair getting stuck in the fabric like the "fancy" pair did. I may just stick to rubber boots again or get another pair of "fancy" boots that don't have the fabric on top. Thanks for your advice and experiences!

Edit: Found some more links with grooming shoe info if anyone else was looking

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At the moment I just wear normal supportive tennis shoes. But the set up I currently work with keeps my lower body mostly dry, so I don't have to worry about water soaking my shoes/socks/feet. I never have issues with hair splinters, and at the end of the day I just do a quick swipe across the top of my shoes with the force dryer to blow off any sticky hairs.

At a previous job, where the set up was very different and I found myself frequently fairly soaked head to toe, I bought a pair of Crocs all-rubber boots. Not the prettiest things, but they were comfy and kept my feet mostly dry and protected.

My concern with shoes like the Five Fingers is that they are a fad shoe. And often times, fad shoes don't support your body in the great way that they claim to, and instead can end up causing you a LOT of physical problems. I have a groomer friend who has a pair of Skeletoes (same concept, different brand) and she says she likes them... and in the same sentence will complain about her feet being wet all day, and hair getting stuck between the toes, and it taking a long time to get used to wearing them because your toes are separated. Personally I think they're hideous anyway lol.
I'm glad tennis shoes work well for you, my feet would be soaked at the end of the day and my feet would look really prune-y
Was looking into the Croc rubber boots! Also saw lots of boots I was interested in at cabelas.com, lots of outdoorsy stuff and work wear there. I think I'd rather buy the boots they use for shoveling horse poo, I know they'll be good use hah!

I know the Five Fingers are a fad, but I think they're very neat looking. Apparently there have been studies that show running barefooted is a lot more beneficial than wearing shoes. There are pressure points in your feet and muscles in your feet that are never used because of regular shoes. Five Fingers are supposed to protect your feet while being barefooted and is as close to the real thing. That is all I've heard, nothing I can give links to other than YouTube videos about the product and there is some book out there someone wrote about running/walking barefoot.
ANYWAY(lol), sorry for my long comment. I was worried about my feet getting wet and hair getting in my toes. Thanks very much!!
What about the short or tall version of the Hunter welly boots? The Cadillac of rubber boots! They're super durable, I wear a pair of tall ones to the barn for stall mucking all the time. http://www.hunter-boot.com/1/Welcome-To-The-Home-Of-Hunter-Wellies.aspx


6 years ago

Shoes made for shoveling horse poo would probably do the trick! lol I liked my rubber boots as far as functionality went, they worked for what I needed at the time.

That's the thing is that, because it's new and hasn't been researched thoroughly, I don't trust when they say 'running barefoot is better for you'. I'm a runner myself and did a bit of research when I first heard about this, and personally I just don't buy it. I have a lot of friends that think they're cool looking, but like I said they wouldn't serve the purpose you need of keeping your feet dry and hair free.


6 years ago


Uhm.. LOL I wear these. In bright pink. They actually are pretty supportive, I have a bad back and I never notice problems with them. Like stetnee, my lower body/feet don't get wet. These seem more slip-resistant than anything else I've worn. I guess real slip-resistant shoes would be better but I'd probably have to drop some $$ for the orthopedic kind.
You wear sandals????? I envy you. :) On that site I did find some Women's Working Dawgs, seem like my kind of shoes! So many shoes, so little money hah


6 years ago

ow!! i've tried sandals! oi! the toe splinters!!!
I wear Doc Martins. Mostly non-slip soles, a bunch of different styles, water "proof" leather (especially if you keep up on the leather conditioning,) and comfy once you break the leather in. I have tried a ton of other shoes out of curiosiry and I always end up going back to Docs. Plus they comfortably fit my incredibly small yet super wide feet. :)
Those look like very long-lasting comfortable boots. Thank you!!


6 years ago


6 years ago

I just wear a tatty old pair of Chuck Converse on the cutting floor and keep a pair of rubber boots in the back for baths. Though I'm thinking about giving some Dr. Scholls a try...I wanna be gellin' while I'm grooming!
I would love to wear Converse if they weren't so uncomfortable for me. I would worry hair would get into the eyelets, sometimes I have to wrestle dogs we shave to the ground (call it being mean, but it's for those evil dogs that no one else will groom and the owner can't afford to sedate or have lost their doggy minds ugh) and get hair all over me, socks and all. I will look into Dr. Scholls and see what they have, thank you!!


6 years ago

I bought my Klogs at a nursing/scrubs shop. They're polyurethane rubber and are super comfy/waterproof.

I wear the "Springfield" style in black.
Ooh those are neat! Does the top of them get scratched up very often? The Hydroslips are all scratched up from accidently spraying them with the pressure washer or a dog stepping on my foot haha.
Also a random question, I never knew LJ released the "suspicious comment" feature... your comment I got in my email but when I went on to the entry to respond to it, it was under "1 suspicious comment" how bizarre is that?? Of course it wasn't suspicious and I marked it not spam but I apologize if you didn't see your comment posted.


6 years ago

I wear Teva flip flops. They're super supportive and comfy. They're super soft and shock absorbing which is great for me because i tend to stomp.

I know in grooming school they told us no flip flops because you'll drop your scissors and cut your toes off, but honestly... hasn't happened yet to anyone i know.

Another thing about flip flops, though, is that the hair comes right off and doesn't stick to them, doesn't tread, and you don't get hair splinters!
I would love to wear flip flips but working in the kennel is kind of dangerous almost barefooted. Plus poop and hair getting in my toes isn't what I want to happen lol. As I mentioned to the above poster, I envy you for wearing flip flops! :) Very neat. Thank you.