angel51431 (angel51431) wrote in groomers,

Disinfecting blades, etc

What do you folks typically do when dealing with a dog with bad skin? Rashy, crusty, smelly, etc...

As far as washing is concerned, my salon has separate sponges and towels for dogs with bad skin.

As far as blades, combs, brushes, tabletops though... I typically use a coolant or spray disinfectant on my stuff after doing a dog with bad skin. For the table i use either dilute bleach spray or some sort of pet disinfectant (parvosol or something similar?) sold by the typical catalogs..

Barbricide is not an option for me because i carry all of my stuff back and forth (the salon i work at provides the sprays).

What do you folks typically do? What have you learned NOT to do? What rusts blades, etc...
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