lilmizzaniml (lilmizzaniml) wrote in groomers,

Hi there!

I am no longer a professional groomer (I just don't have the stamina or patience to do it as a job).  I am here because I just adopted a poodle a week and a half ago.  He's a gorgeous standard and we are already so in love with him.  I've joined because I don't have a ton of poodle experience (and hadn't even touched one in 2 years) and figured this would be a great place for help and ideas if I need it.

The day before I brought Rommel home, his original owner had him groomed in a beautiful but far too froofroo town and country clip.

That night, I did what I've always wanted to do if I had a dog I could do it with... I gave him a mohawk.

And the next day, I clipped him down to what I guess you would call a really low lamb cut.

I definitely want to play around with his coat and have fun grooming him.  The boyfriend even agreed on poms (I never even dreamed of bringing it up to him.  LOL)

Hope to get lots of info and advice from you guys.  Have a great day!

ETA: If any of you are in Dallas (and I mean Dallas Dallas, though I am willing to go to Arlington as I train a dog there once a week), I am looking for recs for a sharpener.  Help please!
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