purangel (purangel) wrote in groomers,

A Question about Nail Quicks

A new client contacted me recently about her dog whose nail quicks have grown too long.  Her vet told her that she would have to have the nails cut back often over the course of time until the quicks receded, and she was referred to me by a friend.

However, it has been my experience that to get quicks to recede, you have to actually cut the nail back.  As in, they are going to bleed, a lot, and it's best done under the care of a veterinarian.  Is it possible that just frequent nail trims will really cause the quicks to retreat? Or is that just a good way to bleed a customer for money (not my goal, and I would rather educate them than take their money)? Or is it possible to do it with a grinder, but not nail clippers?

Any advice you have on this is appreciated, so I can best help my customer.
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